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Helping A Loved One With Prescription Medications

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Taking medication as prescribed is a vital part of successful treatment and management of chronic conditions.  For those who are older, keeping track of medications can be a large burden. From ordering medicine on time to knowing what time to take the medication, getting organized can have a big impact. If you have a loved one who is struggling to take their medication correctly, it's time to find ways to make the process easier. Your loved one's health can be at risk when medicine is not taken as prescribed, leading to serious consequences. 

Know What the Hurdles Are

If your loved one is simply having a hard time opening up their prescription bottles, make sure that the medication bottle caps are not childproof. There are medication caps designed for people who have trouble opening small containers, making it easier to get to the medication. If the problem is staying organized, it's time to make it easier to know what medication to take and what time to take it.

Using Color Coded Bottle Caps

One way to make it easier to take medication on time is to use color coded medication bottle caps. You can designate one color for the morning, one for the evening, and one for medications that are taken only as needed. Knowing that medication must be taken from each pill bottle that has a red cap every morning can make it easier not to miss morning medication.

Set Up a Pill Container

Medication containers can be used to help a loved one get organized. You can use one that doesn't specify time of day, or you can use a medication container that has numerous slots for one day. You can generally set up medication for a week, making it easier to see if a loved one has skipped any medication or not.

Use an Alarmed Medication Reminder

You can set up a medication container that has a cap with an alarm that goes off when it's time to take medication. If your loved one is forgetful about taking medicine on time, a reminder may be just the answer. Talk with your doctor or pharmacist about options when it comes to medication containers and reminders.

If you are trying to help a loved one take their medication correctly, there are a number of tools to try. Medication reminders and pill containers can make it much easier to take medication as directed.