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Reasons To Switch To A Power Wheelchair

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If you use a manual wheelchair, it’s possible that you’ve been using this assistive device for an extended period. In this situation, it’s useful to consider what alternative products are available to help you get around. One option is to switch to a power wheelchair, which you can find at any medical equipment supply store. Power wheelchairs offer all sorts of appealing features that you may find yourself using multiple times each day. Read More»

Trauma Practices: Should You Invest In Brain Performance Tests?

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If your practice treats head trauma patients who suffer from cognitive problems, you may seek new ways to help your patients improve. But if your patients’ X-rays, CT scans, and other testing methods don’t reveal everything wrong with them, use brain tests instead. Learn about brain performance tests and how they may help you diagnose your trauma patients below. How Do Brain Performance Tests Work?  Patients who suffer from traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, may experience a host of health problems over time, including cognitive and behavioral problems. Read More»

Useful Protocols For Medical Facilities Purchasing C-Arms For Sale

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C-arms are often used to gather images for orthopedic and surgical applications. They can accommodate all sorts of patients and provide high-quality imaging. If you’re looking to buy one and get the most out of it over the years, take these steps. Review Case Reports When Assessing Dependability In order for your patients and medical practice to truly benefit from a C-arm imaging system, it needs to remain reliable for a long time. Read More»