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Boosting Your Confidence Using A Wheelchair & Catheter

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Sometimes health problems arise that require treatment and the use of medical devices that are not pleasant to look at. The devices can lead to someone staying at home and not enjoying life as he or she should because they feel embarrassed about what other people may think. For instance, having to use crutches can be difficult to cope with, especially when people are constantly staring in public. Another medical condition that commonly leads to public embarrassment is having to wear a catheter due to health problems. Read More»

Helping A Loved One With Prescription Medications

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Taking medication as prescribed is a vital part of successful treatment and management of chronic conditions.  For those who are older, keeping track of medications can be a large burden. From ordering medicine on time to knowing what time to take the medication, getting organized can have a big impact. If you have a loved one who is struggling to take their medication correctly, it’s time to find ways to make the process easier. Read More»