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Boosting Your Confidence Using A Wheelchair & Catheter

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Sometimes health problems arise that require treatment and the use of medical devices that are not pleasant to look at. The devices can lead to someone staying at home and not enjoying life as he or she should because they feel embarrassed about what other people may think.

For instance, having to use crutches can be difficult to cope with, especially when people are constantly staring in public. Another medical condition that commonly leads to public embarrassment is having to wear a catheter due to health problems. If you desire to spend more time away from home without feeling embarrassed about such health problems, read the information below for helpful tips.

Start Using a Wheelchair Instead of Crutches

You might find that using a wheelchair feels less embarrassing in public places than using crutches. The reason why is because rather than balancing your body on the two crutches, you will be able to sit comfortably in a wheelchair without the added attention. Wheelchairs are commonly used in public places, so you won't feel as though you are in some type of spotlight. You can opt for an electrical wheelchair or scooter that has a modern and compact design. Your health insurance provider might assist with paying for a wheelchair to make it more affordable.

Buy a Catheter Bag Holder for a Wheelchair

Once you have purchased a wheelchair, you can begin hiding your catheter bag with ease while in public places. All you will have to due is purchase a special holder for your catheter bag that can be attached to the wheelchair. The bag holder will hang off of the back of the wheelchair, and it will be completely covered up so you won't have to feel as though people are staring at it. Your catheter tubes for draining urine will basically run across the underside of the wheelchair and can be secured in a way in which they won't hang down a lot. For instance, you can tape the catheter tubes to the bottom of the wheelchair to prevent them from hanging a lot.

Try to Feel More Confident About Yourself

Get into the habit of smiling a lot if you don't do so already while in public places. Smiling can make you feel more confident and help you focus on enjoying yourself rather than people staring. Eventually, you might feel comfortable enough to spend more time in public places with your medical device.

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