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Reasons To Switch To A Power Wheelchair

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If you use a manual wheelchair, it's possible that you've been using this assistive device for an extended period. In this situation, it's useful to consider what alternative products are available to help you get around. One option is to switch to a power wheelchair, which you can find at any medical equipment supply store. Power wheelchairs offer all sorts of appealing features that you may find yourself using multiple times each day. Here are three reasons why you should think about switching from a manual wheelchair to a power model.

Upper Body Fatigue

There's no denying that propelling a manual wheelchair with your arms can be a good workout for your upper body, but there can be times that you find this task to be too physically difficult. Perhaps you've sustained an injury to your arm or shoulder that impacts your ability to roll your wheelchair, or maybe you're getting older and are finding that you don't have the strength that you once enjoyed. This can be an ideal time to switch to a power wheelchair, as you'll be able to get around with minimal physical exertion. This can not only improve your physical comfort, it can also boost your quality of life.

Difficulties Getting Help

If you have physical limitations that make it difficult or impossible for you to operate a manual wheelchair yourself, you might have previously relied on a family member or friend to push you around. This method of transportation can work well, but you may reach a point at which you have trouble having someone around who can help you. For example, perhaps the family member who has been assisting you can no longer do so for one or more reasons. Switching to a power chair will allow you to get around without needing help from someone else, giving you a higher level of independence.

Desire To Travel Longer Distances

You might also think about switching to a power wheelchair because you wish to travel longer distances than in the past. Perhaps you've moved to a new home that is a longer distance from local stores and community facilities than where you previously lived. If you like the idea of traveling to these locations in your wheelchair instead of in a road vehicle, but you feel that the distance could be problematic in a manual chair, this can be a good time to consider a power chair.

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